2009 – 2010

Despite frequent reference to ‘problems of leadership’ or ‘strengthening leadership capacity’, there had been no systematic attempt to develop disaster management leadership by 2010. A number of stakeholders in the humanitarian sector therefore launched a program of research and training (including HFP, Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy  (DRLA) and People in Aid). The challenge for the strategic leader is how – in an attempt to achieve value-driven goals – can one plan in an environment increasingly marked by complexity any uncertainty? The project explored the role of leadership in this context and the facilitating and enabling environment so essential for strategic leadership. The overall goal of this collaborative research programme on humanitarian leadership was to achieve better outcomes from humanitarian efforts.

This was delivered via consultative meetings, papers, training packages and a formal sector-wide leadership network. Strategic leadership formed the focus of the November 2009 HFP Stakeholders Forum.