As you may recall from earlier posts on the website, the Humanitarian Futures Programme will conclude at the end of March 2014. We hope that you feel that HFP has achieved the objectives to which it committed itself in 2005, and that its efforts have helped those with humanitarian roles and responsibilities to prepare for the longer-term future.

Now with less one week to go, we wanted to let you know that should you wish to contact any of the former HFP team, you will be able to do so at the King’s Policy Institute, King’s College, London. The address and phone numbers will be the same as our present ones. While one of our projects, the FOREWARN Initiative, will continue to run until October of this year, it will be housed at King’s Policy Institute.

HFP’s website will continue to serve as a site for all those interested in HFP’s catalogue of futures approaches, methodologies and tools. Much of HFP’s work is already available here and, over the next few months, all that we have done or contributed to, in order to promote the ways to make humanitarian organisations “fit for the future”, will become available.

Over the next year, the Overseas Development Institute (Humanitarian Policy Group), Tufts University (Feinstein International Center) and King’s College London will be launching a project – Planning from the Future ( – that will assess the major developments that have affected the humanitarian sector over the past decade, to understand where the sector is today and what it needs to consider to meet the humanitarian challenges of the future.

For now, however, we want to let you know that the past decade has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. We hope that we have been able to be of service to the sector, and we want to use this communication to thank you for all the interest and support you have shown for our work.

From all of us, à bientôt,

Randolph Kent