Facilitating Enhanced Organisational Responsiveness for Effective West African Risk Reduction

Overall objective:

Contribute to the enhancement of effective disaster risk reduction in the West Africa region by strengthening organisations’’ capacities in anticipation, adaptation, collaboration, innovation and strategic leadership to reduce vulnerability to emerging and evolving threats related to both natural hazards and conflict.

Specific Objectives:

  1. support capacity building of a range of ECOWAS departments to integrate and mainstream disaster risk reduction (DRR) planning into departmental strategy;
  2. promote a robust link between the strategic functions of the ECOWAS implementation of DRR strategies by Member States and communities;
  3. support an enabling environment within ECOWAS for enhanced leadership of DRR, preparedness, response and recovery;
  4. stimulate crosssectoral engagement in the identification of, and planning for, new and evolving crisis drivers;
  5. facilitate the use of innovative approaches utilising new technologies and new types of partnerships, and;
  6. strengthen the exchange of learning both within the African region, as well as supporting a dialogue between West Africa and the Asian region.