Report of the Secretary-General


This report explores the role of space technologies in accelerating sustainable development and the benefits of international research collaboration in this context. It presents applications of space science and technology for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including in ensuring food security, reducing the risk of disasters, preventing humanitarian crises, monitoring natural resources and reducing poverty, as well as telecommunications and health. It analyses how new technological developments that reduce the costs of using space-based applications and collaborations among local, national, regional and international stakeholders can potentially increase the uptake of Goals- relevant applications, particularly in developing countries.

The report also takes note of persisting capacity constraints and bottlenecks, including the lack of awareness of the benefits of space technologies, limited financial resources and technology and skills gaps in developing, using and adapting space technologies. The report identifies effective forms and areas of international scientific research in space technologies by highlighting case studies of various collaborative research and development-focused initiatives. Finally, the report highlights successful policies and strategies at the national, regional and international levels that can promote the harnessing of space technologies for achieving the Goals. It concludes with suggestions for Member States and the international community.