The HFP has at the very least opened and highlighted a debate on strategic leadership and what individual organisations need in a strategic leader.  We ask, what is the enabling environment that a strategic leader needs?

This in turn links to the consideration of the sort of organisation a strategic leader needs to be effective.  The answer is an organisation which gives currency to speculation, anticipation, to trying out new things, to collaboration with partners they’ve never collaborated with before, to looking for innovations beyond the humanitarian sector – looking into whole new areas that science, technology and the social sciences can demonstrate such as robotics, biotechnology and so on.  If we’re really concerned about saving lives and about prevention and preparedness, then strategic leaders have to go well beyond their comfort zones. Strategic leaders will not isolate themselves in the self-referential system of the humanitarian sector.  They’ll look for new forms of collaboration and new forms of innovation.  That’s where we need to be.