Geneva Global Initiative Roundtable – Dealing With Existential Risk

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Dealing with existential risk

The threat of existential risk is increasingly recognised by strategic planners as an issue of ever greater importance.

The Geneva Global Initiative (GGI) has been created to undertake research and promote understanding in the field of existential risks and ways to prepare to deal with them.

In a meeting […]

Practical Approaches to Innovation and Innovative Practices


The Start Network’s FOREWARN Initiative

Transformative innovation is on its way in the humanitarian sector. A great example came out of the Start Network’s FOREWARN event on 22 May, where a variety of innovations and innovative practices were put on display during the course of the day. Amongst the observers were representatives from governmental, intergovernmental and […]

Reinventing ourselves: Innovation and innovative practices


Solar Cow powered study at home
In his book “Brave New Work: Are you ready to reinvent your organization” Aaron Dignan says,

I have met countless leaders who are frustrated. They are confronted with the fact that the scale and bureaucracy that once made their organizations strong are now liabilities in this era of constant […]

Climate Change Preparedness & Humanitarian Action:


From this month’s Humanitarian Futures newsletter

  • Cyclone Idai & Climate Change Preparedness
  • Global Sectoral Survey (Contributions)
  • Humanitarian Action: Compassion and Mutual Self-interest

Climate Change Preparedness

Cyclone Idai began to unleash its fury on Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well as Madagascar and Malawi on 15 March. It reached speeds of between 150 and 177 km/h, but the final […]

How To Think About Innovation


From the McKinsey & Company January 2019 Shortlist

A fresh mind-set—something many of us aspire to as a new year begins—is the key to innovative thinking. In the corporate context, such a mind-set can help leaders devise creative solutions to familiar (and pesky) problems.

But it’s no secret that innovation is difficult for established companies. They […]

Transformative Technologies & Models of Governance: An Emerging African Paradigm Literature Database

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When considering the inter-relationship between technological innovations, societal capacities and needs, the African continent is becoming a fascinating case in point. In many ways, the private sector, local communities, social networks and governments are leapfrogging the pace of technological change in many other countries around the world. Africa in so many ways is becoming an […]

Twelve Transformative Innovations for 2019… and beyond


A growing number of innovations – all too often unnoticed – could have considerable benefits for billions of people across the globe. However, the list of transformative innovations below, are not those that will transform societies as a whole. Rather they have been selected because each in its own ways is focused more on the […]

Sector Survey and Global Risk Report


In last month’s newsletter we mentioned a series of meetings that were taking place in Geneva in October about disasters, emergencies and ‘humanitarian futures’. The main themes focused on the types of crises that we might have to face in the foreseeable future, and what those with humanitarian roles and responsibilities should be doing to prepare […]

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