A New Humanitarian Paradigm


From this month's Humanitarian Futures newsletter: Can the UN be rendered fit for the 21st Century? Planning from the Future: A New Humanitarian Paradigm Pandemics Present and Future: Coronavirus in Context A Healthy Planet for Healthy People We wanted to bring to your attention an emerging line of thought suggesting that the United Nations needs [...]

Strategic Foresight, Immunisation, Pandemic Drivers and Emerging Neuroscience


  From this month's Humanitarian Futures newsletter: Strategic foresight, anticipation and action Immunisation and vaccine hesitancy Pandemic drivers and emerging capabilities in neuroscience and neurotechnology As we began to prepare for the February edition of the Humanitarian Futures newsletter, we hoped that we would not dwell on the recent coronavirus, or #COVID19 outbreak. As you [...]

Resilience Planning in 2020


Needless to say, the HF Team wishes you and all our readers a fulfilling, rewarding and fun 2020! Last year much of our work focussed on innovation and new forms of collaboration. In this new year, these themes will continue because of their ever-increasing importance. While ‘hope springs eternal’, this year continues to point towards challenges [...]

Implications for Policy Planners, Decision-makers & Communities – Shifting Weather Patterns & Disaster Preparedness


Evidence that humanitarian threats are ‘spilling over’ crossing continents in unprecedented ways. The need for decision-makers and policy planners to interact consistently with the scientific community. The need for communities to play active roles in identifying potential threats and actions necessary to mitigate them. November's torrential rains that pounded the coastlines of Bangladesh and India, the intensifying [...]

Understanding Intergovernmental Friction During Disasters


Few in the humanitarian sector will be oblivious to the debilitating effects that result from inter-organisational clashes over mandates, their institutional ‘standard operating procedures’ and the seemingly relentless competition for resources. Understanding Intergovernmental Friction During Disasters With the above in mind, we would like to bring to your attention, an article by Northeastern University’s Professor [...]

The Future of Lifesaving Stuff: A Transformational Approach to the Age Old Problem of Broken Supply Chains

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By: Dr. Eric James, Executive Director, Field Ready We follow an approach that is deeply rooted in participatory techniques (and the corresponding equivalents found in the commercial sector in what are known as human-centered design) and start to design and co-create solutions. Any aid agency worth its salt does this but what is special is [...]

Geneva Global Initiative Roundtable – Dealing With Existential Risk

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Dealing with existential risk The threat of existential risk is increasingly recognised by strategic planners as an issue of ever greater importance. The Geneva Global Initiative (GGI) has been created to undertake research and promote understanding in the field of existential risks and ways to prepare to deal with them. In a meeting on 19 June [...]

Practical Approaches to Innovation and Innovative Practices


The Start Network's FOREWARN Initiative Transformative innovation is on its way in the humanitarian sector. A great example came out of the Start Network’s FOREWARN event on 22 May, where a variety of innovations and innovative practices were put on display during the course of the day. Amongst the observers were representatives from governmental, intergovernmental [...]

Reinventing ourselves: Innovation and innovative practices


Solar Cow powered study at home In his book "Brave New Work: Are you ready to reinvent your organization" Aaron Dignan says, I have met countless leaders who are frustrated. They are confronted with the fact that the scale and bureaucracy that once made their organizations strong are now liabilities in this era of constant change….They are [...]

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