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Beyond Resilience: Global Systemic Risk, Systemic Failure, & Societal Responsiveness

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Geneva Initiative White Paper


There is a growing gap between the risk – understood as likelihood times impact – of catastrophic systemic failure in complex society, and societal understanding and preparedness. This white paper outlines why risk needs to be reconsidered, the extent of societies capacity to respond, and presents […]

Alternatives Humanitarires – The future of humanitarianism

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From the French journal Humanitaires Alternatives, November 2018

The future of humanitarianism

Dr Randolph Kent • Director of the Futures Project, Royal United Services Institute (London)

Dr. R. Kent

Going back over 50 years of history in order to consider the future of humanitarianism. Randolph Kent takes […]

QSAND Guidance Manual

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QSAND is a free to use shelter and settlement sustainability
and resilience self-assessment tool developed by BRE Global (the developers of
BREEAM), on behalf of the IFRC. As a part of their commitment to sustainable
development, IFRC commissioned the development of QSAND to promote sustainable
shelter and settlement activities in the aftermath of natural disasters. The
tool draws on […]

Transformative Technologies & Models of Governance: An Emerging African Paradigm Literature Database

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When considering the inter-relationship between technological innovations, societal capacities and needs, the African continent is becoming a fascinating case in point. In many ways, the private sector, local communities, social networks and governments are leapfrogging the pace of technological change in many other countries around the world. Africa in so many ways is becoming an […]

Baselines & Paradigms – Bridging Generational Divides

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This is an age of transformative technologies. Artificial intelligence, ‘the singularity’, 3 and 4-D printing, the Internet of Things, cyber systems, quantum mechanics and outer space exploration all reflect potentially exponential changes in the ways that human beings will live their lives in the future.

Preparing for that future needs to […]

Building Bridges Across Generations – A Programme and Guide

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The purpose of the exercise

The purpose of the exercise is [i] to identify possible different generational perceptions about a set of broad futures- related issues, [ii] to explore the […]

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To Predict and Prevent Global Catastrophe

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Uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change will increasingly characterize humanitarian threats in the foreseeable future. These threats may range from the prospect of the 320-meter asteroid 99942 Apophis crashing into the Pacific rim in 2035 to Himalayan snow meltdown that would leave an estimated 300 million South Asians without water. Regardless of the particular event, the […]

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