Humanitarian Futures and Contending Paradigms – Multilateralism vs Globalization

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As the world prepares for the November 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP-26) and its objective of radically reducing climate risks, will those participating governments be successful? One measure of success is that they, as representatives of states around the world, should be able to agree on certain targets and time scales for lowering carbon [...]

A Systems Compendium for Managing Global Threats

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The XL Sheets accompanying the PDF document can be additionally downloaded here Systems Compendium xlsx   Identifying the International Architecture for managing global threats by mapping out current systems by sector Systems, understood for this project as individual entities that formally come together with counterparts for reasons of common interest, often operate to tackle [...]

Six Factors for Managing Global Threats: A call for action. 

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As one looks to the plethora of proposals for learning from the pandemic, a fundamental question arises: Do we need to create new and more agile systems to manage ever more complex global threats, or do we need to use what we already have more effectively to deal with such threats? The latter underpins a [...]