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Baselines & Paradigms – Bridging Generational Divides

2018-08-06T18:22:47+00:00Key Findings, Leadership and Policy Making, Recent Additions|

This is an age of transformative technologies. Artificial intelligence, ‘the singularity’, 3 and 4-D printing, the Internet of Things, cyber systems, quantum mechanics and outer space exploration all reflect potentially exponential changes in the ways that human beings will live their lives in the future. Preparing for that future needs to begin now. One step [...]

Alternative Paradigms – Exploring Alternative Ways Of Understanding Humanitarian Crises And Solutions

2018-07-09T10:08:49+00:00Alternative Paradigms, Key Findings|

Never before have we been able to disrupt the fundamental processes of Earth’s ecology, and never before have we created social, economic and technological systems – from continent-wide industrial agriculture to the international financial system – with today’s enormous complexity, connectedness and speed of operation. Whether the issue is drug resistant diseases or shiploads of [...]

Mapping the Way Forward

2017-11-03T14:29:41+00:00Key Findings, New Types of Crisis Drivers|

Urban Futures Project Final Report The Urban Futures Project is a case study of the processes and methodologies that Save the Children International’s (SCI) Humanitarian Affairs Unit (HAU) can adopt to support a more futures-oriented strategy and operational approach across the organization. Urban humanitarianism was chosen as the topic for this project in light of [...]

Planning From The Future

2017-11-07T18:28:19+00:00Key Findings, Organisational Challenges and Opportunities|

The OFDA-sponsored Planning from the Future project, undertaken through the Humanitarian Fu- tures Programme, King’s College, London, is a futures capacity assessment and enhancing exer- cise that comprises the contributions of 67 staff members from eight different offices of the USAID Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Hu- manitarian Assistance [DCHA] as well as the [...]

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