The purpose of the exercise

The purpose of the exercise is [i] to identify possible different generational perceptions about a set of broad futures- related issues, [ii] to explore the consequences of such contending perceptions when it comes to identifying and dealing with future challenges and opportunities and [iii] to suggest ways that generational differences, if and when they occur, can be reconciled or at least co- exist in ways that can be mutually supportive.

n What sorts of broad opportunities and challenges do each foresee over a two-decade timeframe?

n What might be the sorts of technologies that each believe will have broadly defined key, possibly transformative impacts?

n What sorts of threats might challenge global peace and stability, and what ways can they be mitigated?
n What will be the basis of the ‘human habitat’ over two-decades time, and what does this say about the ways society can be defined?

n What might be the nature of government and governance within a two-decades time frame?

n To what extent might the concept of ‘the family’ change, and if it does, what will be the consequences and the alternatives?

n What will be the nature of ‘friendship’ over two-decades time? How will friendship be maintained?