The FOREWARN Initiative


The Facilitating Organisational Responsiveness for Effective West African Risk Reduction (FOREWARN) Initiative is a 3-year project which seeks to enhance disaster risk reduction in the West African region by strengthening institutional conditions and capacities, particularly at the regional level.

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  • FOREWARN Initiative Final Project Report + Evaluation

    FOREWARN Initiative Final Project Report

    This Final Project Report for the FOREWARN Initiative aims to outline the work undertaken over the course of the Initiative, the deviations from plans made at various stages, and the outcomes related to its objectives.

  • FOREWARN Cross-directorate DRR Report

    Cross-directorate approaches to longer-term DRR

    This discussion paper is intended to focus principally on the ECOWAS Commission’s interest in promoting cross-directorate collaboration and the perceived benefits of such an approach for reducing longer- term disaster risks.