February 2018

Overcoming the Humanitarian Futures Challenges: follow-up questions

February 1st, 2018|

The previous post titled Capacities for 21st century humanitarian organizations offers a recording of the online briefing organized by PHAP on 12 December. The presentations were followed by a discussion of questions submitted by participants (you can listen to this in the event recording). As there was not time to answer all questions live during the event, Randolph Kent also […]

January 2018

Capacities for 21st century humanitarian organizations

January 1st, 2018|

On 12 December, PHAP organized an online briefing providing participants with an introduction to “strategic foresight” and to a new set of tools developed for this purpose. Beris Gwynne from Incitāre and Randolph Kent and Joanne Burke, creators of the Humanitarian Futures Platform, explored the capacities that can help humanitarian organizations ensure that they are “fit” for the future.

You can view this presentation here to get an […]