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10 Dec 2013

The Future of NGOs in the Humanitarian Sector

On Tuesday 10th December, Dr. Randolph Kent, the lead author of the paper, will discuss the report and the potential futures for humanitarian NGOs with Marc DuBois, Executive Director of Médecins Sans Frontières UK, Dr. Noah Radford of Futurescaper, and others in a discussion chaired by Carolyn Makinson, Executive Director of the International Rescue Committee UK.

8 Oct 2013

The Ferghana Valley 2035 Capacity Challenge Simulation – Canberra

Together with the Australian Civil Military Centre (ACMC), from 8 – 10 October HFP will be running the second iteration of The Ferghana Valley 2035 Capacity Challenge Simulation as part of a joint HFP/ACMC research project on the Private Sector Challenge: Risks and Opportunities in Crisis Situations.

25 Sep 2013

Cash Transfer Programming – Fit For The Future?: Findings Meeting

HFP and CaLP are hosting the Cash Transfer Programming - Fit For the Future?: Findings Meeting to present the key findings from the research undertaken by HFP and others to answer the essential question - Are NGOs, UN organisations, donors, governments and policy makers that implement, fund and influence...

17 Sep 2013

SAMI Cobwebs Event

External Event This Cobweb Event run by SAMI Consulting will focus on the use of new tools for futures work, building on the Three Horizons and taking in Ethnographic Futures Framework. For more information contact Sophie...

17 Sep 2013

World Vision International Accountability Conference

Dr Alice Obrecht from Humanitarian Futures Programme is delivering a presentation at the World Vision International Accountability Conference on 17th September 2013. For more information contact Dr Alice Obrecht.

9 Jul 2013

FAN Club Event: The Future Evolution of Humanitarian Action

By 2035, how will humanitarian action have changed? What might be the priority crisis drivers? And how will factors such as technological advances, organisational changes and urbanisation change the way that we respond to the future crises? In July, The