New Types of Disaster Demand Creative Thinking Now

October 15 2013

We need to wake up to the reality that there’ll be new types of crisis drivers, new types of disasters in the future.  The cybernetic failure where your credit cards and phones don’t work. The major threat of radioactive nuclear waste leakages picked up in the airwaves. The consequence of globalisation – what was a disease in 1918 when world population was two billion, will have a far greater impact both in dimensions and dynamics now with more than billion people.

These are just a few examples.  The paradox of controlling nature is that the more we control nature the more nature controls us.  But the fundamental message is that it’s not Nostradamus, not the end of the world! On the contrary. Human kind is unbelievably creative. We can deal with these kind of things but unless we have the dialogue with scientists, unless we begin to say what are the innovations which could promote prevention and preparedness and more effective response, then we will be at a loss.But, if we have the dialogue and focus on identifying new ways of doing things , I’m confident we’ll get through most of the crises we will face.