Learning about collaboration: Julian Templeton’s Placement with HFP and the British Geological Society

Author: Julian Templeton

Julian Templeton reviews his Geology for Global Development placement with HFP and the British Geological Society. Upon arrival at the Humanitarian Futures Programme (HFP) offices in London I met with Emma Visman of HFP and Susanne Sargeant of the British Geological Survey (BGS) who would be overseeing my placement that week. We discussed my itinerary for the…

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Humanitarian Futures Programme’s Transition

As you may recall from earlier posts on the website, the Humanitarian Futures Programme will conclude at the end of March 2014. We hope that you feel that HFP has achieved the objectives to which it committed itself in 2005, and that its efforts have helped those with humanitarian roles and responsibilities to prepare for the…

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Inspiration for setting up the HFP

Dr Randolph Kent

My perspective was shaped by my Rwandan experience in 94-95 after the genocide there. I arrived as the UN coordinator for the humanitarian operation and really thought I knew what to do in that kind of emergency.  I’d been there and done that in a lot of assignments.  Two weeks later I realised how little…

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Cash Transfers in a Futures Context: Dimensions of a Disrupter

January 15, 2014

‘Exponential change’ is one of those phrases that is everywhere. Whether such change stems from new forms of mobile technologies or is the consequence of the decline of Western hegemony, it will profoundly affect the essence of humanitarian instruments such as cash transfers as a means of assisting...

The distinctive character of the HFP

December 3, 2013

The vast majority of the organisations in the humanitarian sector are rightly focused on the immediate.  In order words, “How effective was our response in Haiti.   How good are we at linking conflict prevention with humanitarian response?  What are the roles of the military in a peace-building...

If we fail to anticipate future humanitarian threats, we fail human kind

November 22, 2013

If we don’t engage in the long-term perspective we’ll fail to mitigate the worst excesses of new and more complex crises. There are two other dimensions also.  The first is that we have got to stop seeing our responsibility in terms of the trifurcation of prevention, preparedness and response. ...

Creating an environment for strategic leadership

November 4, 2013

The HFP has at the very least opened and highlighted a debate on strategic leadership and what individual organisations need in a strategic leader.  We ask, what is the enabling environment that a strategic leader needs? This in turn links to the consideration of the sort of organisation a strategic...

Do they really understand? The Humanitarian Sector in a Ten Year Perspective

October 28, 2013

‘When I first wrote about the inevitability of a global economic and sociological crisis in 2005,’ stated the former Executive Director of Greenpeace International, Paul Gilding, ‘ the response was largely sceptical. The free market system was fundamentally seen as self-correcting and would surely...

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