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Overcoming the Humanitarian Futures Challenges: follow-up questions

2018-03-08T16:45:35+00:00 News|

The previous post titled Capacities for 21st century humanitarian organizations offers a recording of the online briefing organized by PHAP on 12 December. The presentations were followed by a discussion of questions submitted by participants (you can listen to this in the event recording). As there was not time to answer all […]

Capacities for 21st century humanitarian organizations

2018-03-08T16:47:18+00:00 News|

On 12 December, PHAP organized an online briefing providing participants with an introduction to “strategic foresight” and to a new set of tools developed for this purpose. Beris Gwynne from Incitāre and Randolph Kent and Joanne Burke, creators of the Humanitarian Futures Platform, explored the capacities that can help humanitarian organizations ensure that they are “fit” for the future.

You […]

To Predict and Prevent Global Catastrophe

2017-11-20T17:59:54+00:00 Archives, Recent Additions|

Uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change will increasingly characterize humanitarian threats in the foreseeable future. These threats may range from the prospect of the 320-meter asteroid 99942 Apophis crashing into the Pacific rim in 2035 to Himalayan snow meltdown that would leave an estimated 300 million South Asians without water. Regardless of the particular event, the […]

Alternative Paradigms – Exploring Alternative Ways Of Understanding Humanitarian Crises And Solutions

2017-10-23T18:12:41+00:00 Alternative Paradigms, Key Findings|

Never before have we been able to disrupt the fundamental processes of Earth’s ecology, and never before have we created social, economic and technological systems – from continent-wide industrial agriculture to the international financial system – with today’s enormous complexity, connectedness and speed of operation. Whether the issue is drug resistant diseases or shiploads of […]

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