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  • science-humanitarian

    Science-Humanitarian Dialogue

    There remains tremendous potential for science and technology to better support community resilience building. Unlocking this potential is dependent on strengthening the exchange of knowledge or 'dialogue' between those with scientific and technological risk, directly affected people and those bodies which seek to support them, and HFP efforts have been focused on developing understanding regarding those approaches and frameworks which can best support this process.

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  • FOREWARN 768 x 320

    The FOREWARN Initiative

    The Facilitating Organisational Responsiveness for Effective West African Risk Reduction (FOREWARN) Initiative is a 3-year project which seeks to enhance disaster risk reduction in the West African region by strengthening institutional conditions and capacities, particularly at the regional level.

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Click here to visit the Dialogues for disaster anticipation and resilience website; bridging the gap between those ‘who make science’ and ‘those who use science to make decisions

Recent blog posts

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    Humanitarian Futures Programme's Transition

    As you may recall from earlier posts on the website, the Humanitarian Futures Programme will conclude at the end of March 2014. We hope that you feel that HFP has achieved the objectives to which it committed itself in 2005, and that its efforts have helped those with humanitarian roles and responsibilities...

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  • Inspiration for setting up the HFP

    My perspective was shaped by my Rwandan experience in 94-95 after the genocide there. I arrived as the UN coordinator for the humanitarian operation and really thought I knew what to do in that kind of emergency.  I’d been there and done that in a lot of assignments.  Two weeks later I realised how...

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